Room122 Films & Media | About Us
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Tuggen Even

Born and raised in Ankara, Turkey. Tuggen Even moved to the United States to further his education. in 2015, he graduated from the University of Nebraska at Kearney earning a bachelor’s degree in Multimedia with a minor in Speech Communication, and his MSE on Instructional Technology.He became social media director for UNK’s radio station KLPR during his college career.

From an early age he had a strong attention toward the arts. After earning Microsoft System Engineer (MSCE) title, he began exploring the digital side of visual art through photography, photo manipulation, and visual design.

Douglas McCue

Born on December the ninth of 1981 into a musical family. His early aspirations included: astronaut, rock musician, and “special effects guy”. He picked up drums at the age of seven and then piano a couple years down the road. His father brought the family’s first computer home in 1988. He designed his first website in early 1994 and really the rest is history.

He has dabbled in writing, graphic design, poetry, music composition, linguistics, and factory work before working endless hours in kitchens as a chef. He’s really only here for the free cherry pie.

Jacob Sikes

A Kearney native, Jacob was a music performance major at the University of Nebraska Kearney before signing with an indy label and moving to Dallas Texas. After living the rock and roll dream for a few years he continued his education in orthopedics becoming a certified orthotist in 2003. Jacob started ” Remember When Films” in 2005 and started writing screenplays but turned away from producing films to open a partnership practice in Kearney.  Jacob met the other members of Room122 Films while producing the company’s first film. He loves the outdoors, playing music, spending time with his wife, three children, and their many, many pets…and of course writing.