Room122 Films & Media | Company
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You are limited only by your imagination!

Room122 is a multimedia company founded by a team of individuals with one of a kind abilities focused on creativity, efficiency and communication. Our goal is to use these unique skill sets to keep your company ahead of the game by setting new trends that catch the attention of potential customers. All great companies begin with a dream and at Room122 we want to articulate your dreams through media that will engage your customers and create demand for your products. We are deeply committed to communication with our clients and are driven to reflect this commitment through their ideas and concepts in our products. Room122’s tech savvy team uses cutting edge software and equipment to achieve first-class results. Our team is always acting strategically for the interests of our valued clients, and the passion we have for our own company is always reflected in the outcomes and utmost quality we achieve.


Studio122 is the physical access to an actual recording studio and film studio under our name. Looking to finish a project on your budget, Studio122 is your answer.